THIS IS  ROSE VILLA        How are we different?

Meet our residents, and talk to them. How long have you been here? What is the home like? What do you do all day? Can you do what you want? What is the food like? These are examples of the questions you could ask.


The conservatory is used as a dining room, and also for some activities. It is also a pleasant place to have a visit, with a tray of tea. We like it because it virtually takes people into the garden, even on a dull, cold day.

Every Residential Home that you look at is different. You must choose on the basis of what you see, the information given, and also what your own requirements and needs are. You must feel welcomed the minute you step through the door. This is a HOME in all sense of the word. We have a quote on the wall inside the front door, all staff respect the fact that “Residents at Rose Villa do not live in our workplace, we work in their Home”.      

Entry into the Home is via a security finger print system.

The lounge is a large open area with various seating options.

Do you want your own favourite chair to sit in? No problem!  

In the lounge there are 2 TV sets and a DVD player, which are situated in a way that everyone can see them wherever they sit. We also have a bookcase which is absolutely bursting with books and DVD’s.  

The garden is lovely. It has a nice lawn, surrounded by mature shrubs, and a rockery area, waterfall, fountain

and wishing well. These are floodlit at night. In hot weather we put up gazebos to ensure residents and visitors comfort.

The Home benefits from a passenger lift between the ground and first floor. We have a mixture of shared and single rooms. We like people to personalise their bedrooms with their own possessions. If you need more picture hooks, or another shelf, just ask!

Our main bathroom has an oxford bath hoist. This is for people who require assistance with bathing, or the bath can be accessed independently.

We also have a shower room, which can be used independently or assisted.

The accent on the Care that we provide is to ensure independence and dignity. Communication is important to the residents. This can be in different forms. As well as letters and telephone calls (we have a portable telephone that can be taken to a resident), we also provide a Skype facility to maintain contact between residents, families and friends

We are very proud of the Staff at Rose Villa. They promote the ethos of what we wish to achieve, and they do this willingly and cheerfully, giving dignified assistance where necessary. You will see this when you visit us, and will always hear laughter. Nothing is too much trouble, they always have time for a chat, as well as organizing activities to keep our residents involved and interested in life.