Managing Director: Mr Russ Welland


                                                  I was born in 1947 in Walton-on-Thames Surrey. Served in the Royal Navy from 1963 – 1987.

                                                  At the age of 69 I still own, live and work at Rose Villa after 34yrs. 

                                                  I live on the premises and still very much hands on and you will find me working around

                                                  the Home or in the garden.

                                                  In 1984 my ex wife being a nurse at the local St Christopher's hospital in the local town

                                                  of Fareham said she would like to Care for the elderly owning her own Care Home.

                                                  The seeds were sown.....

                                                  I built both major extensions to the Home and converted the original house to a Care Home.

                                                  I have staff that  have worked for me for many years. 

                                                  I am so happy and proud with what we have achieved over the years.

                                                  I will leave the Care Home to my staff and residents.                

                                                  My "Will" states my ashes are spread in the garden with a garden bench which adds

                                                  "why didn't he spend his money when he was alive"

                                                  We have seen changes from the powers that inspect us, and I will not be disrespectful to them,

                                                  but very few Care Homes, Nursing Homes or even your local Hospitals can't keep up with

                                                  new policies and regulations that change from inspection to inspection with no continuity with

                                                  a different personal inspector year to year.

                                                  Paper work has taken over the time staff can give to personal Care. However we still manage to give the Care.

                                                  Finance is always a question to manage a Company.

                                                  We welcome criticism and will learn and make changes as required.  


Registered Manager: Mrs. Ann Roberts NVQ4 RMA

                                           I have worked in the Care Sector for over 40 yrs

                                           I share my role with Emma although we are both fully qualified as Registerd Mananagers.

                                           My main role is the office work which involes Care Plans, Staff Files, Training, ect.

                                           I enjoy working with the elderly as they have a good sense of humour and are not afraid to

                                           say what's on their minds which is needed to work or live in the Care Sector.

                                           The main reason I work here is that I love the people that work here and the fact that is a small friendly Home.

                                           My hobbies are wine tasting and travelling.

                                           My ambition would be to work on the check out at Asda it would be easier and less demanding. 


Registered Manager: Ms. Emma Randell NVQ 3

                                           I share my role with Ann although we are both fully qualified as Registerd Mananagers.

                                           My main role is running the day to day management of the Home. This includes liasionship with families, doctors                                             and visiting health professionials. Along with our Office Manager Hannah I feel we  all work together to provide the

                                           best Care for your love one. Yes you can say we are a Team !

Office Manager:  Mrs. Hannah Dear NVQ3


                                            I joined the team July 2004 as a carer. I was promoted to office manager when Mr Welland noticed my

                                            organizing skills. LOL My ambition is to qualify as a nurse but having 2 small children like others this is put   

                                            on hold. I like cooking and of couse while drinking a glass of wine.

Site Manager:  Mr Mark Rogers

                                             Age 55yrs. Worked most of my life self employed. Joined Rose Villa September 2013.

                                             A happy place to work. Ambition to win the lottery and play golf in the Caribbean, but alas............

                                             I like to think that I can turn my hand to most things inc. light mechanical work on the company

                                             meals on  wheels  vans, electrical, light plumbing, painting, decorating, a "Jack of all trades"

                                             you may say, but master of all. LOL  I don't take on jobs that I don't think I can finish.

                                             It's more family orientated with the staff members, as everyone gets on well with each other, and always

                                             a lot of banter makes life easier. I work with the owner Mr Welland, (Russ to his "friend")

                                             most of the time, except when he is working on the garden, as he does not let me help there because

                                             I don't know a weed from a plant! Unless of course there is some heavy digging to be done then

                                             I'm allowed to help. My wife and daughter also work at Rose Villa.

Senior Carer: Mrs. Zoe Afaha NVQ 1 / 2 /3



                                             Started 2009 trying to earn enough money to cruise the world but the Boss don't pay enough.

                                             I am married with a son and I love spending my time with them and swimming.

                                             I love working with the staff at Rose Villa - very family oreintated. 

Senior Carer: Mrs. Cheryl Samson Level 3 Dipolma NVQ 2


                                             Started 2013. I would love to buy an RV and visit every beach around the world.

                                             I love spending time with my family and friends.

                                             My hobbies are the gym, swimming, and renovating properties but the Boss will not let me paint Rose Villa.

                                             I love my job and working in such a friendly, welcoming Care Home.


Carer: Mrs Emma Rutter University of Life


                                              Started at Rose Villa 2010 it's like a small family away from home.

                                              Love everyone dearly. Been married for 20yrs 3 children and one grand daughter. Live for my family.

                                              My ambition and hobbies are the be on constant holiday but it's like a holiday camp here.

                                              I Sooooooo love handbags !



Carer: Mrs Mandy Rogers NVQ2

                                               Started 2010 as a Meals on Wheels driver, then progressed to a carer after completing NVQ 1 & 2

                                               I am also the standby cook. I love my job and am now an established part of the team.

                                               My ambition is to carry on caring, doing the job I love to do.

                                               I like spending time with my family and grand children, cooking and theatrical shows.

                                               My husband and daughter also work at Rose Villa.

Carer: Miss Sian Dessurne Level 3 BTEC in health and social care

                                                 I started work at Rose Villa in 2015 part time. I am in my 2nd year studying criminology full time

                                                 at university, as my ambition is to work with youth offenders or for the national crime agency.

                                                 I have a 5 year old son.

Cook: Mrs Lisa Ashforth More years in kitchens than I can remember

                                                 Joined the team in 2014. I was born in Hastings Sussex and moved to Hampshire 15yrs ago.

                                                 I would like to retire somewhere I never have to cook again.

                                                 I am a local bell ringer and enjoy playing the accordion.

Meals on Wheels Driver / Activity Co-ordinator  Miss Kirsty Rogers  Driving Licence / Common Sense


                                                 I'm a very easy going, happy person who is always willing to help,

                                                 loves to enjoy life and holidays.

                                                 The only downside working at Rose Villa is Mum and Dad work here as well.



Carer: Ms Jemma Gray NVQ Level 2 & 3


                                                 I started work at Rose Villa June 2016.I was born in London and moved to West Sussex

                                                 when I was young. I love my family and friends. I like working here and the banter with

                                                 all the stall is brill. I'm a kind, caring, happy person, I hope.

Carer: Ms Rebekah Clegg NVQ Level 2 & 3

                                                 My ambition would to travel the world but the closest I will probably get is my partner is

                                                 in the Royal Navy. we have a little boy called Archie.

                                                 I have worked here since June 2009 and love working in a nice friendly atmosphere.

                                                 My hobbies are exercising, clubbercise, and running.

Carer: Ms  Charlotte Taylor working towards NVQ

                                                My ambition is to become a District Nurse I have only been working here since July 2015.

                                                The staff and residents are lovely and I am more than pleased to be working here at Rose Villa.